Artist Statement

Drawing on symbolism collected from the natural world, I create layered woodcuts and print installations that are characterized by a methodical technical approach to art making and a down-to-earth recognition of my own primal cravings.


For the past several years, I have been using dirt, water, sticks, coins, and gold as imagery in my work to symbolize that which we impulsively crave, seek out, and hold valuable. My interest in representing building, digging, and exploring the natural world has to do with my interest in people's primal desires to search the world and literally, the earth for treasure, value, and fulfillment. More importantly, I am interested in the process of searching, and the ability of people to be able to notice and savor small treasures that they might find along their paths- to rethink what is valuable - what is treasure - what is beautiful and what has worth.


I have a reverence for process based art-making, mastery of workmanship, the satisfaction that comes along with making meaningful work with one’s hands, and the desire to share it with other people. I want to generate work that embeds a sense of hope and appreciation into the tension of constant pursuit - to create works of art that let the viewer slow down, live in the moment, and find optimism in that moment.